Commercail Treamill

220,000.00 TK 250000.00
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Commercail Treamill
LED key board
Model : DF 21L
Frequency converter:Vector control frequency converter; 3HP
AC  motor:220V 8.6A 3.0HP/MAX7.0HP
Elevator motor:220V 1/6HP AC.


Commercail Treamill

Display content:400mm circular runway, counter, time, speed, distance, calories, pulse,slope,fault diagnosis system
Thickness of Running belt :4.0mm Diamond stripe,
Height of running board : 25mm both side faced by wearing layer
Dia of Roller: 90mm (front and rear)
Speed range(km/h) : 1.6-20.0
Gradient range: 0%-15% Electrical control
Max load: 150kg
Running area: 620*1580 m
Made in China